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#SiblingsToo - Exploring the impacts of sibling sexual abuse

Aug 24, 2023

So, what's been happening since the last episode?

And what's coming in the new season of the #SiblingsToo podcast.

In this episode, Nancy reflects on the progress made since the #SiblingsToo International Awareness Day and discusses the increasing conversation and energy getting the word out about sibling sexual abuse. She emphasize the importance of driving awareness and educating parents, family members, and those who have caused harm. Nancy also mentions upcoming changes to the podcast, including new guests such as various academics, professionals and survivors of sibling sexual abuse. She plans to explore solutions and interventions for families enduring SSA and address the language issue that seems to be difficult for everyone to get comfortable with. The new season of the #SiblingsToo Podcast will be released in late October.


  • "The awareness day added energy into the conversation on an international basis."
  • "Sibling sexual abuse is very different from other types of child sexual of the key differences is the impact it has on the whole family."
  • "The new season of The Siblings Two Podcast is going to be distributed on a more regular basis."
  • "One of the subjects we're going to dive into is the whole conversation about what do we call this thing?"