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#SiblingsToo - Exploring the impacts of sibling sexual abuse

May 30, 2019

On this episode Nancy looks back over the past couple of months to review what she has learned, expectations for the future as well as an invitation for listeners to join Nancy on the podcast for an interview. Survivors, perpetrators or family members who have experienced SSA   play an important role in helping us to...

May 16, 2019

The #SiblingsToo project exists because it is time for people to be able to share there story and bring light to sibling sexual abuse.

On this episode it is time for Nancy to share her story. She shares what she recalls happened years ago, as well as how some of those events may have impacted her life.

Nancy also shares...

May 2, 2019

On this episode (Part 2 of 2) Nancy is joined by Patricia Downing - Integrative Psychotherapist. 


Nancy and Patricia discuss mindfulness and how it can be used to support individuals. 


Patricia Downing is a Integrative Psychotherapist and Mindful Practitioner who has worked with therapy clients since 2005 and...