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#SiblingsToo - Exploring the impacts of sibling sexual abuse

May 9, 2024

In a deeply moving follow-up to Episode 54, Heather shares her experience of confronting sibling sexual abuse within her family. The shocking revelation by Heather's daughter, Brooke, and the subsequent turning point—with her son admitting guilt—paints a raw and honest portrait of a family navigating the darkest of times.


In the wake of Brooke's disclosure and the admission of sibling sexual abuse by her brother, Heather and Brooke face the arduous task of giving their impact statements for court, forced to give words and voice to the profound emotional toll the abuse has inflicted. As we listen to their statements and this follow-up discussion, we delve into the critical moments from the day Brooke courageously spoke up, through the family's initial reactions, to the ongoing legal proceedings that ripple through their lives. Heather's unwavering support for her children, her advocacy for appropriate justice and rehabilitation for her son, and the perseverance to heal as a family are all laid bare in this candid discussion.


Key Takeaways:


*   Brooke's impact statement reveals years of suffering due to sibling sexual abuse, including mental torment and confusion about her sexuality.

*   Heather struggles with dual advocacy, seeking justice for Brooke while ensuring her son receives adequate treatment and rehabilitation.

*   The family undergoes immense emotional turmoil, with both children experiencing psychological breakdowns and hospitalizations after disclosure.

*   Heather's faith plays an integral role, granting her the strength to support her family through their darkest period.

*   The family's experience underscores the necessity for better handling of sibling sexual abuse cases within the legal system and broader societal change.


Notable Quotes:


*   "My innocence was ripped from me due to his poor self-control and decisions and it wasn't fair." - Brooke

*   "My son destroyed our family bond, broke our family apart and caused what has felt like a death of both of my children." - Heather

*   "Trying to find a way to mostly advocate for the victim, my daughter, what she had been through, her feelings, five years of dealing with the abuse..." - Heather

*   "As much as we were trying to help both of our children, life had just become a disaster." - Heather

*   "I want people to know that certain things you feel have broken you to the core sometimes build you up to become that much stronger." - Heather





Brooke's impact statement



A Mother's Plea for Justice and Healing



A Mother's Struggle With Sibling Sexual Abuse



Concerns Over Sex Offender Treatment and Sentencing



A Family's Crisis of Disclosure and Sexual Abuse



The Overwhelming Nature of Navigating the Judicial System



Finding Strength in Faith During Family Crisis



Strength, Self-Care, and Family Resilience



Families Embrace Healing and Advocacy After Trauma




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