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#SiblingsToo - Exploring the impacts of sibling sexual abuse

Mar 14, 2024

In an eye-opening episode of the #SiblingsToo podcast, host Nancy Morris engages in an intense and revealing conversation with two guests: therapist Brad Watts and Adam, someone who has acknowledged causing sexual harm to a sibling. The discussion delves into Adam's personal reflections on his actions, the family dynamics, and the resulting implications within the justice system. The episode presents a juxtaposed narrative of regret and healing, secrecy and disclosure, challenging societal perceptions of sibling sexual abuse.
Initially, Adam recounts his childhood experiences, including how early exposure to pornography influenced his behavior. The conversation then progresses into Adam's acknowledgment of the harm caused to his sibling and the subsequent emotional and legal fallout. The episode also highlights the stigma associated with sibling sexual abuse and the varying paths of healing for both the harmed and the one causing harm. Therapist Brad Watts provides a professional lens, contextualizing Adam's experience within broader themes of treatment and recovery from sexual abuse.


About the Guests:
Adam admits to perpetrating sexual harm towards his sister. He is navigating both the therapeutic process and the juvenile justice system in the United States. Although specifics about his history and achievements are not disclosed to protect both his and his siblings' anonymity, Adam's participation in the podcast signifies his intention to contribute to the dialogue around sibling sexual abuse and his personal journey towards understanding and rehabilitation. His voice has also been altered.
Brad Watts, a long-standing friend of the #SiblingsToo podcast, is a therapist specializing in sibling sexual abuse. He is an author, having penned the book "Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Guide to Confronting America's Silent Epidemic". He regularly conducts training throughout the United States to educate and inform others on this issue. Brad provides his expertise to the discussion with Adam, offering insights into the therapeutic aspects surrounding such cases.

Key Takeaways:
•    Adam's early exposure to pornography planted the seeds leading to sibling sexual abuse, a common factor in such cases.
•    Exposure to media portraying the consequences of sexual abuse prompted Adam to cease the abusive behavior and reflect on the gravity of his actions.
•    Adam experienced significant legal repercussions and family upheaval, with a lasting impact on his future opportunities.
•    The podcast emphasizes the complexity of healing for both survivors and perpetrators, as well as the important role of therapy and family support.
•    The episode underscores the importance of open dialogue and the need for society to address sibling sexual abuse with compassion and understanding.

Notable Quotes:
•    "This is a secret I was going to keep to my grave, and I feel bad for that. That was really... I can't even describe how I feel about it. Just disgusted." - Adam
•    "And so I think it is important for it to come out so that there can healing begin." - Adam
•    "If you've got this big, huge wound, which is definitely SSA, just putting an ace bandage over it...eventually without disinfecting it... it's not going to be cleaned and healed, it's going to get gangrene, it's going to fester." - Adam
•    "My goal is to live a normal life, buy a house, get married, have some kids." - Adam
•    "Sometimes it's going to hurt a lot before the healing happens." - Adam

Brad's book – Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Guide to Confronting America's Silent Epidemic" is available online at your favorite retailer.

We hope this episode provides you with insights into the rarely spoken-about issue of sibling sexual abuse and the multifaceted effects it has on the involved individuals and their families. Please join us for the full episode to understand the complete narrative and stay tuned for more enlightening content from #SiblingsToo podcast.




Description of Adam's family life and homeschooling


Adam's addiction to pornography and constant search for access


Normal roughhousing turning into manipulation


Adam's conversation with his father and disclosure to the authorities


The non-linear process of healing for survivors


Nancy asks Adam about his response to people who think he should pay the price for his actions


Brad shares his thoughts on supporting both survivors and those who commit sexual harm


Adam discusses the importance of sharing his story and letting others know they are not alone