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#SiblingsToo - Exploring the impacts of sibling sexual abuse

Feb 7, 2024

Nancy Morris is the host and driving force behind the #SiblingsToo podcast and research project. With a dedicated focus on raising awareness about sibling sexual abuse (SSA), Nancy is not only a survivor but also an advocate and activist in this niche domain. Her work involves engaging with professionals, academics, and the society at large to advocate for factual discussions around SSA, aiming to dispel myths and bring about change in narratives concerning this sensitive topic.


Episode Summary:

In this compelling episode, Nancy doesn't hold back on what needs to happen next in the trajectory of sibling sexual abuse awareness and the practical steps forward in prevention efforts. She highlights the importance of societal discourse as a catalyst for change, much like the conversations which shaped public understanding of sexual abuse in other community segments like as the church and sports teams.

Nancy discusses the pitfalls of misinformation and dramatization in media while championing a shift towards more responsible journalism regarding SSA. The episode underlines the vital role of advocacy in maintaining momentum in the conversation around sibling sexual abuse and educates on the important differences between SSA and other forms of sexual abuse, insisting that understanding these can aid in prevention.


Key Takeaways:

  • Sibling relationship significance - The crucial role of fostering healthy, lifelong sibling relationships from an early age as a potential preventative measure against SSA.


  • Reducing recidivism misconceptions - Understanding that sibling perpetrators often do not repeat behavior outside the home or later in life can help tailor prevention and intervention strategies.


  • Stigma and reporting - Minimizing societal stigma is key to encouraging open discussions and effective reporting of SSA instances.


  • Parental influence and strategies - Parents must be equipped with strategies and resources to create safe spaces for difficult conversations and minimize potentially harmful behaviors long before they happen.


  • Society and policy influence - Among other things, changing society's perception from a criminal to a health-centric view of SSA can influence political will and lead to more supportive policies.


Notable Quotes:

  • "We need the same attention on sibling sexual abuse, and I think we're right there right now."
  • "The sibling relationship is the longest lasting relationship in our life."
  • "The differences between sibling sexual abuse and other forms of child sexual abuse make sibling sexual abuse much more preventable."
  • "Every day that we're not moving this conversation along is another day where children are impacted by SSA."



Join Nancy Morris as she eloquently unfolds the complexities and the urgently needed dialogues on the prevention of sibling sexual abuse in the latest SiblingsToo episode. Stay tuned for more episodes that promise to be just as enlightening, with discussions designed to foster a deeper understanding and provoke actionable change within families and the wider community.




0:00:00 - Introduction to the SiblingsToo podcast and research project

0:01:11 - Need for society to have conversations about sibling sexual abuse

0:02:53 - Raising awareness and dispelling myths about SSA

0:04:38 - Importance of preventing SSA and supporting survivors

0:09:23 - Key factors in SSA that make it preventable

0:14:09 - Perpetrators are less likely to repeat the behavior

0:15:11 - Example of a lack of coping strategies

0:15:50 - The impact of SSSA on perpetrators

0:16:44 - Stigmatization of survivors and the need for understanding

0:17:56 - Breaking down barriers to reporting and understanding the perpetrators

0:19:17 - The dual role of parents and the importance of open communication

0:20:29 - Creating a safe space for children to discuss difficult topics

0:21:31 - Prevention through educating parents and adults

0:22:21 - The goal of promoting open conversations and seeking help

0:23:56 - Defining the gray area and understanding acceptable behavior

0:26:16 - The role of society in addressing SSA head on

0:29:44 - Considering SSA as a health issue

0:30:53 - Lack of health-centric approach to adult to child abuse

0:31:25 - Importance of political will to drive change

0:31:54 - Opportunities for proactive prevention through education and support

0:32:59 - Creating a positive environment for children

0:33:39 - Urgency to move the conversation along for prevention

0:34:25 - Continuing the conversation on interventions and adult survivors